Create display ads

Get access to an easy way of creating display advertising campaigns that help you reach your audience in the moments that matter. With Creatopy, you can work in a collaborative environment and design static and animated display ads for Google Adwords, Google Display Network, or Bing Display.

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Create multiple display ad types

Kickstart your digital ad campaign by creating display ads in a straightforward way. Pick the type of display ads you want to design and target your audience with visuals that deserve attention.

Make display ads from templates

Start already inspired and get a head start by choosing one of the available display ad templates. Use Creatopy's drag and drop editor and personalize the template until it matches your brand. You can use the smart resize function to create multiple ads based on the same design and have branded ads across all channels.


How to create display ads

  • Choose a template

    Browse our customizable display ad templates and choose the one that fits your business. You can also create a design from scratch by selecting a predefined size from our library.

  • Customize your design

    Display ad design has never been easier. You can change the imagery, colors, and fonts to find the best possible composition for your ad—everything in a drag-and-drop editor.

  • Generate multiple sizes

    Maintain brand consistency across platforms by instantly resizing your design in various sizes using the smart resize tool. Edit them simultaneously and have your display marketing ready in no time.

  • Export your banners

    Download your banners in one of the available formats, including JPG, PNG, HTML5, AMP, or GIF for the ad networks of your choice. Share your display ad and reach your target audience.


Creative automation for display ads

Your display ad design process can be done in-house from start to finish. Easily customize your visuals and automate ad production while working perfectly synchronized with your team members.


Design generator

Instantly create various sizes of a design with our banner generator. Get to the customizing part faster and change colors, fonts, headlines, and other elements on your display ads at once.


Effortless video editing

Use Creatopy’s online video maker and turn your ideas into eye-catching animated display ads. Choose an animation preset and use the timeline to edit your banner with smooth transitions.


Brand alignment

Keep consistency across platforms by uploading your assets into a brand kit. You and your team can access brand colors, fonts, logos, and other elements at any time directly from your workspace.


Ad serving

Deliver static or animated banners directly to the ad display network of your choice regardless of file size and format. Make real-time changes to published ads without reuploading them.


Multiple ad variations

Create endless variations of your display ads based on a CSV file that you can upload thanks to the Feed Ad Builder. Pair it with the Ad Serving and sync your data feed with your ad design.


HTML5 & AMP export

With our display ads maker, you can download visuals in HTML5 format to offer an enhanced discovery experience. For faster loading times, you can opt for the AMPHTML format.

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Level up your display ad creation process

Change the way you design display ads and increase your productivity by delivering full campaigns faster and in a cost-effective manner. Start a free trial and experience the collaborative platform together with the automation features.