Create entertainment ads

With Creatopy, you can build a complete entertainment marketing campaign in just a few clicks. Our easy-to-use editor and all the elements from the platform help you design creative ads that everyone will enjoy.

Display ads
Create display ads to promote funny videos, virtual tours, web series or music festivals the attendees can look forward to with excitement. Our platform has all the elements you need to feel inspired and build eye-catching ads.
Social media ads
Create professional looking social media entertainment ads to reach people interested in concerts, music videos or podcasts. Use our platform and build your event advertising campaign from A-Z on your own.
Video ads
Start a free trial and use Creatopy to design your next great video ads to promote performing arts, film festivals or talk shows. Easily create video ads and deliver well-crafted video campaigns.
Print ads
Make sophisticated print ads to announce the next great painting, interior design or sculpture exhibitions. With Creatopy you can easily design compelling visuals and level up your print advertising campaign.

Change the way you design

Explore the templates, elements, and the highly intuitive editor to speed up the creation process. Start designing and see how you can get more done in less time.



Rely on Creatopy’s environment for smooth team collaboration. Design your entertainment studio advertising visuals, then leave comments or ask for feedback. Communicate with your team members or stakeholders in real-time without leaving the platform.


Stock audio

Search the stock audio library and add songs that match your music concert advertising campaign. Use the advanced filtering option to find the perfect soundtrack faster. Once you decide which one is the best, enter the timeline and trim the audio track.


Stock photos

All great carnival ads start with a good background that catches people’s attention. So, choose a gradient, different textures, or high-quality images from the Shutterstock library. If you prefer a photo, search for the perfect one using the advanced filtering system.


Multiple resize

Speed up your workflow with the ad generator and make multiple sizes for your fairs ads based on the same design. Then, you can edit them simultaneously in the generator view, no matter if you started with a template or from a blank canvas.



Create unique food festival ads using the platform’s graphic elements. Insert original illustrations made in-house by our professional designers, which you can customize by changing their colors to get a look that will make people want to find out more.


Ad Serving

With the Ad Serving add-on, you can serve your ballet show advertising campaign on any website, regardless of the display ad types and their sizes. With this feature, you can edit your ads without having to reupload them.


Design ads efficiently

With Creatopy, designing your entertainment ads feels like a breeze. Take advantage of the intuitive editor and all the features wrapped up in a collaborative environment that helps you have your visuals done in minutes.