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Effortless creative distribution and optimization

Distribute your ads to your platforms of choice effortlessly. Personalize your creatives with the most relevant message and optimize them for enhanced campaign performance.

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Ad serving across programmatic ad networks

Get access to various ad networks and DSPs at the push of a button. Generate ad tag codes for your creatives and enjoy more control and flexibility, regardless of how many networks you want to advertise on.

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Personalized creatives. Dynamic ads

Go live with ads tailored to your audience's profile and behavior. Use data feeds and enhance your campaign with dynamic content so your audience always receives the most personalized message.

Insightful creative optimization

Campaign performance tracking tools

Make campaign analysis part of your workflow. Quickly compile reports with clicks, impressions, and CTRs. Create dashboards that show the best-performing creatives, make quick decisions, and start iterating.

Agile optimization

Real-time campaign updates

Make real-time updates to your ads and target your audience with the most up-to-date message. By using ad tags, you bypass the extra steps of republishing your creatives and the size limitations imposed by ad networks.

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Other related features

Pair powerful creative production with robust ad distribution and optimization.


Ad serving little extras

Use click tags to set the landing page URL that will open whenever someone clicks on your ad. Enable responsive scaling to make your ad look great on any device.


Data feed ad creation

Make ad variations using data feeds. Create ads in different languages, with diverse media elements, or CTAs. Go one step further: add dynamic rules and start serving dynamic ads.



Break the silos between the design and marketing teams. Enjoy a single platform that serves both teams and helps them be productive yet creative.


Automation tools

Instantly resize your ads, and edit multiple ad designs at once. Save time and make more room for what matters to you with the help of design automation.



Find deeply customizable animations and widgets to make your ads break through the noise. Personalize your ads to the finest details and overcome banner blindness.



Keep your assets at hand by connecting your Google Drive or Dropbox accounts. Another integration you will love is the Shutterstock library with over 20 million images.


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Discover how Creatopy can help you create, distribute and optimize your ads efficiently.

What pricing plan should I choose to have access to Creatopy's creative distribution and optimization solutions?

Creatopy's Optimize plan is designed for teams that want a single platform for ad production, ad distribution, and optimization. Designers and marketers can benefit from a single tool that simplifies their work and keeps everyone on the same page.

Do I need a DSP to serve dynamic ads?

Demand-side platforms (DSPs) are key to helping you serve dynamic ads. Once you set up the relevant dynamic rules, the DSP will pull the right creative from Creatopy and show it to the right audience. 

However, some variables, such as location and time, are currently available in Creatopy, and you don’t need a DSP to set them up.

What sort of creative optimization features does Creatopy offer?

With Creatopy, you can optimize your creatives as part of the ad optimization process. If you want to change your audience, the campaign budget, or do any other type of optimization, these need to be carried out through your ad network or DSP.

What data can I track about my banners?

Aside from clicks and impressions, Creatopy enables you to dig deeper into your tracking and see how many of your ads were requested from the ad server, loaded, and displayed. The advantage of using Creatopy is that you can compile detailed reports and dashboards and filter out your data by project, network, design variation, date, and other criteria.

If you are already using an external tracking tool, you can always connect it with your account in Creatopy. 

What ad network integrations does Creatopy have?

The following ad networks and DSPs are currently available in Creatopy: Adara, Adform, AdMarvel, Amobee, Beeswax, BidTheatre, Choozle, Criteo, Daisycon, Epom, Flowershop Media, Google Ad Manager, Google Ads, Google Campaign Manager, Google Display and Video 360, Groundtruth, Ingenious Technologies, Marketron, MediaMath, Roku,, TheTradeDesk and Xandr. 

We are constantly adding new ad networks, and if you look for a particular integration, we can always work on it to make it available in our platform. 

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